Hey QIP, why not make Patent Busting a director?

Hello everybody…yes, it’s time to throw my hat in the ring!

Well, as well all know, QIP is bringing in a new CEO on 9 January 2020, Craig Dower (ex-CEO of XIP) is replacing Leon Allen.

With the QIP share price languishing at 58% of its listing price after some 3 years on the ASX, Craig has his work cut out for him to turn this ship around.  A new IT system is one thing, but where is the growth story?  The underwhelming response in share price to the presentations at the QIP AGM on 28 November show that investors don’t really think there is one.  What is a new CEO to do?

When even James and Wells can make an Australian acquisition … and IPH are dominating the listed space…There’s only one clear solution.

It’s time for a fresh face at the board table!  An independent voice.  One who has already provided a roadmap for change with this cut through blog post in April 2019!  Yes, it’s time to call Patent Busting…

Happy to have a chat anytime Craig.  I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Later peeps….


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