Belated NZ news: Anything you can do, I can do (smaller)…JAWS snaps up Innofy


As you are no doubt aware, a blog like this requires a team of highly qualified professionals constantly sifting, sorting and distilling information to bring the latest news and information to you, our dear readers.

But in this case, my team dropped the ball!  And it’s all their fault.  Not mine.  They are all sacked with extreme prejudice!


I thought there was nothing new on the trans-tasman patent attorney horizon, particularly in the M & A space.  That is, until a little kiwi dropped a word in my ear about the aptly named JAWS (the NZ firm James & Wells) acquiring Brisbane-based hip-to-the groove patent-attorney start-up Innofy – the acquisition first reported on 17 September.

Not confined or embarrassed by any sense of hyperbole, JAWS headlined their acquisition with “CHAMPIONS OF INNOVATION UNITE“!  (see this extract from the JAWS website):

“With so many firms now members of listed IP holding companies, there is a lack of independent firms for clients to turn to. Joining forces with Innofy represents a significant step in our strategy to fill that void and offer clients the independence they seek. It also opens up opportunities for ambitious and talented IP professionals who are looking for a future with a growing independent IP firm.”

Yes, this synergistic and plucky combination is providing an alternative to the evil corporate empires of IPH and QIP.  Interesting perspective when you consider that Innofy was a recently established practice.  However, JAWS have been an aggressive marketer in recent times and the Innofy look impressive.  Looking forward to seeing how this challenger progresses in the super saturated Australian market.

See ya!

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