Kiwi roll up – IPH acquire Baldwins in New Zealand

Well, what can I say….

IPH’s subsidiary AJ Park has acquired New Zealand patent attorney firm Baldwins for the princely sum of $AU 7.4 million.

Historically, Baldwins was one of the big NZ patent attorney firms, and a number of years ago was part of the conglomerate Baldwin Shelston Waters which demerged into Baldwins in NZ and Shelston IP in Australia (Shelston IP of course subsequently listing to form Xenith IP then acquiring Watermark and Griffith Hack before being acquired by IPH).

Looks like the band, indirectly, is coming back together…(maybe that’s an opportunity for a future post – charting the permutations and combinations of firms over the years – that may require an older patent attorney though – most of that stuff happened in the 80s or some other long forgotten decade.  Actually, Dougal, can you grab me “The Lucky Profession”?  That’s the early 2000’s publication that sets out the history of the patent attorney profession in Australia.  What?  Ok.  Maybe later.  My cognac can’t wait!)

Where does that leave the NZ patent attorney profession?  In an interesting space.  The only relatively major patent firm left is James & Wells although there are a few smaller players.



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