Breaking news: IPH swoops on Xenith IP!

Well, my last post falsely stated that all was quiet on the Xenith/QANTM/IPH front.  How wrong I was…

As reported in the Australian Financial Review today, IPH has acquired a 19.9% stake in Xenith IP in what has been termed an after-market raid.  How piratical that sounds!  Like Gordon Gecko.

The article goes on to say that the stake has been purchased so that IPH has a seat at the table in the merger (of equal) discussions between Xenith and QANTM.

Of course, if IPH had purchased 20% or more of Xenith then they would have had to initiate their own take over.  However, 19.9% is a pretty serious chunk of Xenith, and gives IPH enough voting power to make their voice heard loud and clear.

Looking forward to the next instalment…

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